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McNamara Art Projects collaborated with Ben Brown Fine Arts Hong Kong, to produce the exhibition Nobuyoshi Araki / Hiroshi Sugimoto, featuring the iconic and seemingly disparate work of two of the most prominent contemporary photographers, both emanating from Japan.  Hiroshi Sugimoto's starkly serene black and white seascapes was hung alongside Nobuyoshi Araki's highly eroticized images of women and flowers, providing a discourse on the artists' reverence for their chosen subject matter and the powerfully evocative nature of photography.  The work of these prolific artists, both of whom have spent the last six decades photographing in a tirelessly serial manner, epitomises the dichotomy often found in Japanese culture: impassivity, restraint and deliberation coexisting with a subculture of uninhibited sexuality, eccentricity and decadence.

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